Even if a dancer is a solo performer, he or she definitely needs to work with others in a team. There has to be the ability to take direction from the choreographer and other members of the team and due to this the ability to work in a team is necessary. This is even more necessary if a dancer specializes in group dances because they have to coordinate their dance routines with the other dancers. A good dancer should be able to communicate in a subtle manner and respond to cues from other dancers on the stage. This is necessary for flawless execution of dance movements that can be quite complex. It is also necessary for a dancer to win the trust of the other dancers and members of the team. For instance, when a dancer is performing a dangerous move that requires a partner to catch them and hold them in position.


You cannot succeed in any endeavor without the quality of perseverance and persistence and this is especially true for dancers. Most dancers need to practice and rehearse each move over and over again until they have perfected their performance. Doing this in order to achieve perfection in their moves and routines is necessary if they want to really win accolades from audiences who expect perfection. The ability to persist with their goal till the time that they have achieved perfection is the only way that dancers can actually become successful.

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