What Are The Qualities Of A Good Dancer?

Anyone who wants to be a dancer needs to have the basic ability and talent of interpreting and communicating messages and stories with the help of physical movements. However, the artful and flawless dance performances that you see on stages are the result of more than just natural ability and talent. Dancers also need to have a lot of physical fitness and stamina, patience, perseverance, a good memory, and many other qualities to be able to present the beautiful performances for the audiences.

Physical strength

No dancer can be successful without physical strength and stamina. Most dancers practice hours of workouts in order to maintain the perfect weight and fitness along with the required energy to be able to withstand the demands of hours of rehearsals. Their bodies also need to be flexible because many dance forms demand skilled movements. The other necessary physical characteristic required by a dancer is a good balance in order to remain in a symmetrical form and be coordinated in rhythm. Apart from grueling regular exercise, dancers also need to keep a strict watch on their diet in order to maintain their physical attributes necessary for dancers.


Dance is essentially an art form and hence requires creativity, which helps the dancers to express the story lines and music that they dance to with the help of the unique movements of the body. With the help of this artistic ability, dancers are able to communicate ideas and messages through physical expression and come up with innovative ideas to create new dance routines. A sense of music and especially rhythm is also a must along with creativity in order for dancers to perform well.


Top Bald Musicians

Best Musicians That Suffer From Hair Loss

The world is full of great musicians. The benefit of being a super stat musician is that it doesn’t really matter what you look like, you’re going to be loved and wanted. Here I will go over some of the biggest names in music. Whether it be rap/hip hop, guitarist or singer.

1. Moby
Moby has been bald for a very long time. Most people don’t even know what he looks like with hair because he’s been bald for so long. Whether or not he suffers from androgenic alopecia, it’s clear that he’s never tried any androgenic alopecia treatments otherwise he would probably have some hair.

2. Billy Corgan ( Smashing Pumpkins )
Billy Corgan lead guitarist of the smashing pumpkins is another famous musician that we are used to seeing bald. He’s another artist who never really came out to say that he suffered from male pattern hair loss but chances are that he does suffer from hair loss. Regardless he is well known and was known as quite the ladies man in their hay day.

3. Darius Rucker
Hootie and the Blow Fishs Darius Rucker is another bald artist who has never been shy to embrace his bald silky head. He wasn’t always bald and it’s more likely that he just likes the look of his shaved head rather than his hair. He proves that not every man if fixated on having hair. When you’re a rock star you don’t really worry about these things as much as the average joe.


Tips On Learning How To Play Guitar Scales

Are you thinking about learning how to play the guitar? This is something that many people actually want to do. They may see some of their favorite musical artists playing incredible songs, and they wonder if this is something that they will also be able to do. It can take several years to become proficient, but there are several things that you can do as you begin to learn. There are some basic strategies that you can implement in order to become a better player. Let’s look at how you can begin to learn how to play guitar even if you have never held a guitar before.

Myths And Misconceptions

Before we provide some tips, you must first understand some of the common myths and misconceptions about playing guitar. First of all, it does not matter how old you are. As long as you have the desire to play, and learn some basic strategies that will essentially become muscle memory, you are going to be able to play virtually any song that you want to. It also doesn’t matter if you are left-handed or right-handed. There are guitars that are designed for people that would prefer one side over the other. Finally, it’s not going to take you years in order to play your first song. Once you understand a few basic chords, you will be ready to start playing without any problems.

How To Play Guitar Chords

The very first thing that you will need to do is learn how to play some basic guitar chords and learn guitar scales. You need to learn what guitar chords actually are. Guitar chords are simply referencing a series of notes that you are going to play with your guitar. This will begin by placing your index finger on what will be the third string near the second fret. Your middle finger is going to go on the first string, also at the second fret. Your ring finger will be placed on the second string adjacent to the third fret. Once this is done, you will strum the bottom for strings. Once you have done this, you have learned how to play what is called the D chord, and all of the other ones can be learned in a similar manner. Once you have learned how to play D, C, G and E-minor chords, you will be ready to start playing a few songs.

Other Basics That You Need To Know

Other than learning how to properly hold the guitar, you will also need to learn how to tune it. This will be done by twisting the tuning pegs that are at the head of the guitar. Other basic information that you will probably know is what the strings are, and the bars that are perpendicular to the strings are the frets. When you are strumming the guitar, your fingers are going to be over the sound hole which is surrounded by a rosette. Finally, at the opposing end of the head of the guitar, below the guitar whole, this is where the strings will be attached the bridge and the saddle.

This basic overview of what a guitar is, and how to start to play your very first chords, will give you a basic idea on what needs to be done. You will also need to learn how to read music, and reposition your fingers as you go along learning the notes of each song. You will soon learn that most guitar playing is simply understanding these basic concepts, and then remembering the pattern of the songs through muscle memory. The basics serve as the foundation for how you will play every song that you ever learned, and in no time at all, you will become an actual guitar player.


Becoming A Rapper That Does Well

What It Takes To Be A Rapper

You can become a rapper, but it takes a lot of practice and dedication to the art. People like Eminem don’t just get where they are because they were born with the skill. It is a lot of work and this guide will show you what needs to be done.

As someone that wants to rap you really should go listen to a lot of rap music. Chances are, you already do, and that’s good. Try to learn songs that are fast, slow, or any speed that you’re wanting to rap at. Some rappers can go lightning speed and super slow and sound good. It’s not only a matter of knowing how to rhyme, you also need to develop a flow. This is how you sound and deliver your lyrics when you rap, and everyone has a different one. Don’t steal a style, because people don’t respond well to that when you’re a newbie especially.

Start Writing Rap Verses

Figure out how to rhyme words well. Start by looking around at every day things and trying to freestyle about them. Get a dictionary and pick out random words and then make a rap using them and rhyming with them. You should also start to practice writing rap verses. It’s all a matter of being able to start thinking in rhymes, so you have to train your mind to do it. If you’re going to do more intelligent raps then look for words that can help with that or if you want to write party much go look at lyrics like that and see if you can find words that work in your situation.

You’re going to want to avoid putting your music out there when you’re first getting started. You need to make sure it sounds good so that you make an awesome first impression. If you do have to try to see what people think, then do it under another name or something so that if it flops, it won’t be associated with you later. Be wary about family and friends that tell you that you sound good because they are just trying to make you feel good. It’s up to the music listeners and whether they feel your style or not really.

Marketing yourself has as much to do with your success as your rapping skills. For instance, if you can rap better than most of the top names in hip hop, that doesn’t matter if you don’t have some kind of image and story. People could care less unless you show them that you are someone that is likable or at least a good enemy. Make a character you can be when you’re doing your music, or at least have something you can share with people about you that is interesting when marketing yourself.

Practice makes perfect when becoming a rapper. You don’t have to make it your life, but you do have to work on it every day if you want to get to a higher level. Eventually, you’ll do well with it and may even be able to be a rapper as your career.


Why Taking Singing Lessons Is A Smart Idea

Invest In Singing Lessons

Are you wanting to be a singer? Then you have to take singing lessons. You may have been told by your friends that you sound great, but that doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. Here are reasons why singing lessons are so important.

It can be tough to sing the kinds of songs you want when you first take lessons. You need to find someone that will teach you some of the classics and exercises that help you get familiar with using your voice the right way. People tend to think they just have to copy a pop star and they’re good at singing because they sound like that person does. You do not sound like you think you do, actually, and if you don’t get lessons you’ll never get to a point where you can sing professionally.

Singing lessons are best to do in person, online with videos ( visit http://www.singinglessonsonline.net/), or anywhere that has good sound. You can’t just read about this kind of thing and hope you understand what they’re talking about you have to take lessons if you want to learn how to sing better. If you can find a good example like a tutor that can sing for you and show you how to do what they do in person, that’s the best way to go. If they are a well known singer or someone with a good voice in general then you can trust that they know what you have to do to get to the same place they are at.

A singer is someone that has to use their voice as an instrument. Like with a guitar or anything else you play, you have to take care of your voice. If you don’t then you’ll sound good for now, but very quickly it will become apparent that you are not going to be able to sing for a long time. Find different ways to soothe your throat, to not damage your voice with the right lessons, and to be cautious in general. A lot of stars used to have awesome voices but didn’t care about keeping them in good shape and now can’t do very good shows.

A lesson is important to take because it helps you figure out what you can do to reach your full potential. They’ll let you know what kind of notes you can reach, what kinds of singing you can practice on, and whether you’re being kind to your voice. There are a lot of genres that include singing in many different ways, so finding a lesson provider that knows that style in and out is good. A good teacher is one that teaches you enough for you to build on it all and be better than them.

Singers tend to get told from a young age that they are really good. Of course your parents will say you have a beautiful voice, even if it’s super annoying and they can’t stand it. You really need to find a way to get lessons from someone that will tell you what you’re good and bad at. Someone that is honest, because that does you a lot of good actually. If everyone tells you that you’re great then you’ll never try to improve and may not make it as a musician if you’re actually not good when all is said and done.

You’ll get better and better the more singing lessons you take. Don’t give up and don’t let the praise of people hold you back from improving either. Being a singer is like any other type of musician in that you have to practice and work hard to sound good.


The Art Of Freestyle Battle Rapping

Why are some rappers able to handle the pressure of freestyle battle rapping while others wilt?

Is there an art to what they are doing or is it all about being able to do things in seconds? This is a question many rappers are left asking when they give it a shot or watch others do it.For this to work out, you have to realize there is an art to it and you have to focus on making things right, or you are going to struggle for a long time to come.

Here are a few tips to keep in your mind if you want to learn how to freestyle rap.

1) Improve Your Knowledge of Words

This is the most important tip because it is your foundation as a rapper in general.You can’t expect to do well with your verses if you don’t have a good grasp of the English language and the potential it has to offer as long as you are working on it.Many don’t expand their ability to understand English, and that is a real loss because so many rhyming words are left out due to this reason. Spend a good amount of time doing your homework in this regard.

2) Prepare

You don’t have to go into a freestyle battle rap with nothing in the bank.

Most people who are really focused on becoming a rapper keep a few safe phrases that are in your back pocket while you are getting started and then start to mix in situational phrases. You want to have a launching pad as you try to make things work or you are going to lose.

This is the art of battle rapping. You want to make it look like you are making off the cuff phrases while you have prepped for the moment and do have a few tricks up your sleeve that were ready to go as soon as you walked in.

3) Don’t Choreograph “Battle”

How are you going to attack your opponent? This is the question that matters.

You have to ensure you are not planning everything including the type of attacks you are going to make. This is where you will lose as they’re going to know what is coming before anything happens.This is why some play a great trick and attack themselves before the opponent can do it. This throws a real curve ball and is a great trick that is used by some of the greatest battlers. The other person is left stunned, and that is when you go in for the kill.

These are the tips that will ensure you are a great freestyle rapper and can make things happen in seconds. Many are not going to get to this spot early and will have to work hard on it. This is okay and is something you are going to have to deal with over time.However, those who practice as much as they can and get a real feel for what they are doing are going to see good results over time. You have to keep plugging along to ensure you are on the right path.



Even if a dancer is a solo performer, he or she definitely needs to work with others in a team. There has to be the ability to take direction from the choreographer and other members of the team and due to this the ability to work in a team is necessary. This is even more necessary if a dancer specializes in group dances because they have to coordinate their dance routines with the other dancers. A good dancer should be able to communicate in a subtle manner and respond to cues from other dancers on the stage. This is necessary for flawless execution of dance movements that can be quite complex. It is also necessary for a dancer to win the trust of the other dancers and members of the team. For instance, when a dancer is performing a dangerous move that requires a partner to catch them and hold them in position.


You cannot succeed in any endeavor without the quality of perseverance and persistence and this is especially true for dancers. Most dancers need to practice and rehearse each move over and over again until they have perfected their performance. Doing this in order to achieve perfection in their moves and routines is necessary if they want to really win accolades from audiences who expect perfection. The ability to persist with their goal till the time that they have achieved perfection is the only way that dancers can actually become successful.